Illinois Approves Drivers Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants


This week the State Senate of Illinois voted to allow undocumented citizens the ability to receive temporary drivers licenses.  Illinois now joins two other states, Washington and New Mexico, in passing similar legislation.  A domino effect of states may begin passing such legislation with Illinois at the forefront of the movement.

The state senate voted overwhelmingly, 41-14, in support of this proposal.  The bill now must be sent to the state house before it will either be signed or vetoed by the state governor. Republican senators agreed to pass the bill because a  majority of Latinos voted for Democrats in the November elections.  The agreement of Republicans to work with Democrats on this bill is an important step and model for other Republicans and Democrats.  In the upcoming years Republicans and Democrats will have to work together very often in order for any legislation to pass.  The most important decision that will be discussed by the Republicans and Democrats is the crucial fiscal cliff. After this, the most important legislation for a large part of the United States is immigration reform. Over the next four years, comprehensive immigration reform must be passed.

For now though, undocumented immigrants will have to enjoy the small wins they are receiving.  If this bill passes through the house and is signed by the governor, Illinois will become the state with the largest number of undocumented immigrants affected.  With undocumented drivers licensed, more people will also have more insurance on their cars.  This topic has been blogged about before when it was still prospective and I am happy to provide a follow up. I am happy for my fellow blogger, Claudia, whose state will now have new laws regarding undocumented immigrants. Comment with which state you think will pass similar legislation next.

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