Immigrants in prison system finally getting a break?

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The prison system in the United States has always been rather punitive and unjust. However an event last week had some immigrants looking up about their futures. It was ordered by the Obama administration, and carried out by judge U.S. District Judge Terry J. Hatter Jr. that immigrants imprisoned for more than 6 months would finally get to see their bail hearings.

However, bail hearings to do not guarantee their release. They are more of an assessment to see if the immigrant is allowed to be released from jail, depending on if they are a flight risk or any kind of threat to society. Also, when immigrants would have their bail hearing is not guaranteed. Most criminals see their bail hearings in a matter of days whereas immigrants have to wait for extended periods of time. It was mentioned that in one case a legal permanent resident was imprisoned for 3 years until he could attend a bail hearing.

Though the Obama Administration and Judge Hatter have addressed an extremely important issue, it is important to note how inhumane the prison system is. It also makes me note and speculate as to how the government has not put a priority on cases concerning immigrants, whether they are documented or not. Especially facing a prison system that is already overcrowded, why not put into action a system that could release those who don’t necessarily need to be in prison?

Read the LA Times article here.

3 responses to “Immigrants in prison system finally getting a break?

  1. This is a good start, but more has to be done to correct this inhumane way of treating immigrants. The prisons are already crowded, and I cannot helpt but think that this is through the lobbying of private prisons, which make profit through this overcrowding. Bail hearings are a necessity due to the fact that people incarcerated for minor offenses should be allowed to go out on bail to make room in these crowded prisons.

  2. I cannot get over the fact that immigrants get neglected in this aspect simply because they are immigrants.. allowing for a more timely bail hearing is a start but there is still is a lot more that could and should be done. I am grateful that this issue has been acknowledged, my hope now is that this plan will actually be followed through. Many times plans are made and not carried out but hopefully this time will be different

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