Children Face the Consequences of Illegal Immigration Alone

One of the most controversial issues in the United States is that of immigration. Most people have an instinctive fear of what immigrants will do, or have preconceived ideas of what they have done.
It is true, illegal immigrants often use other people’s social security numbers when applying for jobs, and that demographically there has been a predominant increase in Latino and Asian populations. These ethnic groups tend to group together, creating the ‘China Towns’, ‘Little Mexicos’, and ‘Little Tokyos’ in large cities. Some people find these ethnic areas in cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, as problematic because it threatens the process of immigrants (both legal and illegal) assimilating into the ‘American’ culture.
Yet, the reality of the situation is that undocumented immigrants don’t take jobs away from citizens, because the economy has come to rely on the manual labor as well as household, cleaning and industrial jobs they fill. Although adopting a fake social security card is illegal, it never has harmed anyone. The clusters of ethnic groups provide the diversity and cultural variety that the US is popularly known for. Immigration is what created the United States history. Nevertheless, the irrational fear of the public has been expressed through an increase in the demand for the deportation of undocumented immigrants.
Many forget to take into account the context of these deportees’ lives. The families that are counting on them economically, the poverty or political situation they are seeking respite from and the desire to provide a better life for their children. Deporting a husband or wife is cruel, but a child? That is atrocious.
Immigration courts in around the South Texas border are confronting an unexpected surge of children, some who are not yet old enough to go to school, traveling without their parents, caught illegally crossing the border.
Juan David Gonzales, a 6 year old, was brought over by smugglers and caught crossing the border. He has to go in front of an immigration judge because immigration laws contain far too little protection for minors. In immigration courts there is no right to a lawyer from the government for people who can’t afford one. This means that a child as young as Juan has to go before court and judge without a lawyer.
Just this year, 11,000 unaccompanied minors have been arrested for deportation.
These young children are being denied their basic rights. Are you an advocate for denying a child their family, or for a bettering the future of these children?

2 responses to “Children Face the Consequences of Illegal Immigration Alone

  1. The first thing that came to mind after reading this blog was the movie Bajo La Misma Luna. This movie entails the life of a young protagonist who comes to American in search for his mother, who immigrated to the country prior to his journey. The young boy cannot bear with the separation from his mother and is determined to find her, despite him knowing how he was going to get to her or where she was. Initially, this boy comes unaccompanied, but later a man inevitably takes him under his care. The boy really only wants to get to his mother and does not care about the protection of any other adult, but this man finds himself being incapable of leaving this boy stranded. If it wasn’t for the man getting attached to the child and admiring his daring personality, this boy would had probably not had the same luck. I remember the scene where the police men arrive at the park where the boy and man slept the night, and the man decides to turn himself in so that the boy could get away and reunite with his mother. Overall, there are stories living in the hearts of one of the youngest members of our communities, yet they are rarely heard; this needs to change.

  2. I completely agree. A six-year-old, despite his status, should not have to face deportation hearings alone. It is unfair to all those immigrants and to all Americans that actually believe in the words stated on the statue of liberty. America’s policies are not an accurate reflection of the opinions of many Americans on immigration. Immigrant youth should not be treated as criminals. If we cared for these children the way we do our own, we would recognize that they need care, and that deportation is not the answer.

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