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Over the past decade immigration has become a major issue in the United States. The discussion of this subject has brought up many ideas regarding the actions of undocumented immigrants. Some ideas like the belief that undocumented immigrants do not pay taxes have turned out to be unfounded.

A popular misconception among Americans  is that so called “illegal immigrants” do not contribute to the United States through providing tax revenue. However, this myth has been discredited. According to the Immigration Policy Center immigrants in 2010 contributed $11.2 billion in state and local taxes. One of the largest beneficiaries of this revenue is the state of California, which in 2010 gained $2.7 billion in taxes from households headed by undocumented immigrants [Unauthorized Immigrants Pay Taxes Too]. Clearly the belief that immigrants do not contribute to American government is simply false. What we must also acknowledge as a nation is that these undocumented immigrants do not see their money returned to them through social services such as welfare and tax refunds because they are not recognized by the system. This imbalance is unfair but many Americans do not recognize it.

What we must do as a country is acknowledge that undocumented immigrants do in fact contribute to the American economy in the pursuit of their own American dream, and that they are willing to work towards improving our society. In fact at least half of the undocumented immigrants in our nation paid income tax during to 2010 [Unauthorized Immigrants Pay Taxes Too]. The American public needs to understand these important contributions as well as begin to support our undocumented immigrant population.

Immigrants are willing to provide a portion of their hard earned dollars towards the betterment of the United States. The United States public needs to recognize this and be more informed about the contributions that undocumented immigrants currently make. If we can do this we will create a more accepting society and be better for it.

3 responses to “THE TAXPAYER MYTH

  1. I agree with this blog post fully. The myth that illegal immigrants cost taxpayer money is the only genuine reason I see to bar it. Now that the myth has been proven false, I think more and people will oppose illegal immigration less.

  2. I agree that undocumented immigrants contribute a lot to the American economy. However, I’m curious as to how undocumented immigrants contribute this money and where does it end up? Additionally, how do undocumented immigrants contribute to the economy outside of strictly taxes? I would contend that your argument goes even further. Undocumented immigrants not only contribute to taxes, but also are a driving force in our labor market. But perhaps your future articles will address these issues.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the points brought up in this article. There is no longer economic reasons for why people could want to make the immigration process more difficult for undocumented folk. With this information in hand, our nation should try to make these people legal so they can contribute to America in ways other than just paying taxes.

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