Courtesy of "Tax Credits" (Flickr)

Courtesy of “Tax Credits” (Flickr)

At a time when changing demographics affect the wages, schools, and environment of people in the United States, we should know the statistics of immigration. Although we have more resources than ever, people still have prejudiced views on immigration.

The Labor, Immigration, and Employee Benefits Division of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce discredits the views afore mentioned by notifying us of the reality of the situation alongside the myths in this pamphlet:

This information refutes the seven most popular myths about immigration, including the loss of jobs for Americans, driven down wages, overpopulation, lack of tax revenue from immigrant, exploitation of welfare, inability for newcomers to assimilate into U.S. society, and crime rates. Aside from listing out the facts about immigration, the Labor, Immigration and Employee Division explains the factors behind the truth.

In the pamphlet the Labor, Immigration and Employee Division refutes the popular myth that ‘illegal’ immigrants do not pay taxes. An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that immigrants do not contribute to the economy. For ‘illegal’ immigrants to get certain jobs, where an identification is needed, they forge papers. Through the forged papers, ‘illegal’ immigrants can get a job and have a documented status that ensures that ‘federal and state income taxes, Social Security taxes, and Medicare taxes automatically deducted from their paychecks’[1]. In addition, whether they are ‘documented’ or not, all immigrants still pay sales tax and property taxes.

Even though ‘documented’ immigrants pay for the benefits of living in America, they cannot claim any of the benefits. Since their documentation is counterfeit, the names used in their fabricated documents ‘and Social Security numbers do not match the records of the Social Security Administration (SSA)[2]. The amount of withheld money as of 2009 reached $836 billion dollars. The money provided by these ‘documented’ immigrants will help support the Baby Boomer population that is reaching retirement age soon, while the ‘undocumented’ immigrants themselves reap none of the benefits they have been working hard to supply.

Next time you hear someone complain about immigrants not paying taxes, correct them and say, “When you retire and have a nice Social Security Fund, just remember that ‘illegal’ immigrants paid for it too, but are not benefiting from any of it.”




2 responses to “NO TAXES

  1. Interesting! I can connect this with the discussion we had on islamaphobia and how it was mentioned that the media might promote some of these things in a negative way. In addition, when they mentioned that those who are afraid of Islamic people usually do not know one similarly those who believe immigrant myths may not know the entire story.

  2. This post addresses a lot of the myths of immigration the United States. It demonstrates that arguments against immigrants can be contended with statistics. So much hostility against newcomers is just based in ignorance.

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