Natalie Nakase: Asian American wants to be first woman NBA coach

Woman have led countries, served in the military and won Nobel peace prizes. However, no woman has done what Natalie Nakase hopes to do.
Natalie Mitsue Nakase, a 3rd generation Japanese immigrant hopes to become the first female coach in the NBA. Nakase played as a point guard for the UCLA Bruins, a nationally ranked team, which was not an easy journey. Because she stands at 5’2 , coaches in high school told her she would not be recruited. Not only did she do what they said she couldn’t, she exceled becoming a three year starter. Nakase graduated in 2003 and became the first Asian American player in the National Women’s Basketball League as a member of the San Jose Spiders. After, she again made history, but this time abroad by becoming the first female head coach in Japan’s BJ League.
Natalie is indeed very qualified to become a NBA coach. Although she is working as a video intern for the L.A Clippers now, she still has big dreams and many people believe she will succeed. Erik Spoelstra worked as a video intern before coaching the defending champs, the Miami Heat so with Nakase’s resiliency, anything is possible. Natalie’s story instills hope in not only the woman of this country but also any immigrant with a dream.

One response to “Natalie Nakase: Asian American wants to be first woman NBA coach

  1. I really hope that Natalie Nakase is able to become the first Asian American NBA coach, for it would be a breakthrough on two different levels. It would be a step forward for the Asian American community and the women community. I am looking forward to possibly hearing about her success in the future!

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