The World Series: A New Record Has Been Broken!

Photo Credit: Sean Winters

In this year’s World Series, the baseball teams already broke a record! The Tigers and Giants broke a World Series record for highest number of foreign-born players on the World Series rosters. There are a total number of ten foreign born players on each team, all from Latin American countries. 

Among these foreign born players is the Giant’s very own Marco Scutaro, a proud Venezuelan immigrant. Aside from being one of the Giant’s most valuable players this year, Scutaro also plays during off seasons for Venezuela’s team, the Caracas Lions.  This draws the attention of fans, from as far as Venezuela, who are rooting for Scutaro and other Venezuelans on the Giants and Tigers teams in this year’s World Series.

For me, it’s interesting to see how “America’s favorite pastime,” has become a beloved sport for people throughout the world. Not only has baseball become one of Venezuela’s most popular sports, but it has gained popularity in countries such as the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Baseball has become a multicultural sport, even within the United States. People of various backgrounds and ethnicities now enjoy a game that originated in the United States and was once primarily dominated by Caucasian Americans. It is a sport that brings together a diverse group of people who are all connected by the excitement of watching their teams win, lose, struggle, and sometimes even make it to the World Series!

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