Can Dreamers Dream of Health Care?

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In early June, President Obama used existing legal authority to allow undocumented immigrants, who came to the United States as young children, to remain in the country with temporary legal status for two years, without fearing deportation. Under this new policy, young undocumented immigrants will be able to work, study, receive driver’s licenses etc. However, there are limits to this policy. The White House has ruled that young immigrants who will be allowed to stay in the United States as part of the new federal policy will not be eligible for health insurance coverage.”

This changes the whole perspective of the policy the President created that was supposed to be fully beneficial for young immigrants. Advocates for immigrants have become infuriated by this new statement; they have the right to be angry. This issue could become a bigger controversy because immigrants granted such relief would ordinarily meet the definition of ‘lawfully present’ residents, making them eligible for government subsidies to buy private insurance, a central part of the new health care law.”

So, what exactly does it mean to restrict health care to immigrants? They have authorization to study and receive a driver’s license but they cannot receive medical attention if needed, unless they pay thousands of dollars in private medical insurance. Additionally, young undocumented immigrants are allowed to work in the United States, meaning that they will bring economic benefits to the country but, if they suddenly become ill, they may not be able to go to the hospital because it would be too expensive and they couldn’t afford it.

This is morally wrong. If young undocumented immigrants are given common benefits after becoming “legalized” in the United States, they should qualify for every component that allows you to live a healthy life in the country and not just be here to give economic benefits to the country. Do you believe it is right to deny young immigrants who have qualified under this new law, healthcare, if they are contributing economically to the United States?

2 responses to “Can Dreamers Dream of Health Care?

  1. I completely understand why DREAMers and supporters of the DREAM Act are enraged that these students will not receive eligibility for health care coverage. I think they should be eligible because otherwise these young immigrants and their families will fear seeking out medical assistance when they need it, or just as worse, will seek the help but become enslaved to extensive medical debts for doing so. Many of these immigrant students cannot afford to pay for private healthcare, which is why the government should provide them with the same social benefits as legal citizens given that they already qualify as DREAMers.

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