Romney Answers Questions about his Policies on Immigration…With Little Detail

Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate for the Republican Party in this upcoming election in November, is doing everything that he can to gain voters. On Monday, September 17th, Mitt Romney promised the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles that he would permanently fix the United States’ immigration system (Foley). What he failed to do, however, was explain in detail how he plans to do so.

A large amount of Obama’s supporters are Latinos that are calling into question the issue of both candidates’ immigration policies. President Obama’s intentions are clear already, with his administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and his support for the Dream Act. Romney, on the other hand, has avoided talking much about his immigration policies, except when the question is unavoidable. Rather than speak of what he plans to do about immigration if elected, Mitt Romney has focused mainly on a discussion of our economy and what he can do to fix it. This is not necessarily a detrimental approach, but many potential voters are asking questions: What will Mitt Romney do to fix our nation’s immigration laws? What is his stance on illegal immigration and our border security? Why is Romney being unclear on what intentions he has for immigration policies?

Despite being vague on his immigration policies, Romney promised during a speech to “work with Republicans and Democrats to permanently fix our immigration system.” (Foley) Romney did, however, mention that if elected he would veto the Dream Act, and that he heavily supports “self-deportation.”

With comments like these, it’s easy to assume that Mitt Romney is on the conservative side of the spectrum when it comes to his immigration policies. Personally, I believe that Romney does not want to clearly state his side involving immigration because he would lose potential Latino voters with his harsher immigration ideals. However, it is unclear to me whether Romney is hurting or helping himself by avoiding talking about his immigration plans in detail. So, what do you think? Is Mitt Romney helping his campaign by keeping voters in a haze, or is he playing it smart by staying neutral and trying to please as many voters as possible?


One response to “Romney Answers Questions about his Policies on Immigration…With Little Detail

  1. I believe Romney is trying very hard to play it safe when it comes to his immigration policy. Romney wants as many voters as he can get this coming November and one strategy for that may be to not dissuade anyone with conservative immigration policies. I agree with this author when he says that Romney’s policies are conservative and because of that he will receive more of the backing of the conservative Republicans. Romney is sticking to the immigration policy of his party that is clearly stated in the Republican Platform. I do not think he needs to express more than what is already stated in his platform.

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