What Sandy means for Undocumented Immigrants

A recent article published by NPR highlights a very concerning issue in the lives of current immigrants hit by Hurricane Sandy.  Needless to say, many homes were ruined and families devastated by Hurricane Sandy. However, although many have sought relief or been provided with some sort of aid, undocumented immigrants are not necessarily in the same position.

Undocumented immigrants are not receiving the help they need. Some undocumented families and individuals do not feel enough security to reach out, in fear that their immigration status will be revealed. Although they may be in dire need of simple commodities such as food or even money to rent new housing, their voices and issues are not being heard.  However, on the other end of the spectrum, some undocumented immigrants are not aware of the opportunities that are available for their benefit or if they are aware, they don’t qualify for the support.

One woman interviewed for the article, Rosa Marie Ramirez, said, “It’s as if we came with nothing and have to start from the beginning.” Ramirez sets of the tone of the struggles that undocumented immigrants are facing. She elucidates how not nearly enough effort is being made to aid undocumented immigrants or to at least expose the kinds of help available. How can the United States expect immigrants, especially those who are undocumented, to effectively and positively participate in American society if we aren’t giving them the resources to lift themselves up to8130847907_0a94ce168c_z a decent living standard?

3 responses to “What Sandy means for Undocumented Immigrants

  1. I completely agree with you, hanersk! It’s unjust to leave undocumented immigrants off of the list of beneficiaries simply because of their legal status. They were victims of a natural disaster that had no bias for any specific population, and the United States should most definitely feel the responsibility and duty to help them recover from the unfortunate event. Organizations like the American Red Cross cannot repair the hurricane’s damaging effects on the lives of thousands of people without the government’s help in funding relief.

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  3. Im sure they will be included, compensated and then compensated for the oversight of leaving a NON citizen off of a list of beneficiaries of this United States. What a terrible error. Im sure Mexico will have me on their benifits lists when I go there as well? Right…..taxpayers fund the govt and taxpayers are citizens. Im sure that good people and charities are not excluding anyone. FEMA is worthless anyway. So please. just stop bitchin. I know people who are waiting to come here legally and its a bit annoying to see illegals propped up to above citizen status. Come here legally, abide by all the laws I have to and then I will simpathize. Where I live my family is disciminated against and the illegals have taken over. Our schools are failing children cant read its sad and the line at the food bank is always full. No one is scared of deportation here. They drive drunk without licenses and are let go, they recieve food stamps, and I feel the pain. Your country sucked, so fix it. Dont wreck ours. Then we all…what Move to canada Really. buck up. Im not racist, i just hate hypocricy and crime. Do it legal or just stfu

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