Full College Scholarship for Undocumented Students

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Many undocumented students believe education is the key to succeeding in the United States, but many undocumented students do not have the resources to obtain a full education. The main issue is that these students do not have the money and financial support to pay for their college education. So what should these undocumented students do in order to obtain a college education, when the federal government has not passed the DREAM Act or any other legislation?

Since many documented and successful Latinos have seen the struggles undocumented students face, they have devised many incentives to help these students pay for their education. Now many CEO’s have begun to donate and create non-profit organizations that will help undocumented students obtain “full scholarships” for college. This would benefit millions of undocumented students because they would finally get the financial support needed for a college education. Ric Elias was one of the Latino CEO’s that created “Golden Door Scholars,” and didn’t care what others would think of his “act of charity”. He believes that these students perform just as well as documented students.

“[These] scholarship[s] will be available to all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. this fall and promises to pay for all four years of a college in North Carolina, including room and board, while offering students mentorship, internships and job placement.” This is great idea because now students don’t have limitations when it comes to money. They are able to afford a college education and not worry about the financial burden college would have on their families.

However, there are many people who oppose these kinds of scholarships because they say this would “entice more illegal immigration.” Even if this did happen, the undocumented immigrants would come to the United States to study, and thus will be a great contribution to American society. In my opinion I think more CEO’s of big corporations should follow the footstep of Ric Elias, because he is helping millions of undocumented immigrants get an education. So what can we do to get other corporations to donate money to these scholarships?

So in your opinion, are these scholarships for undocumented immigrants right and necessary? Or do you think we are just wasting money on kids who are not legal citizens of this country?

2 responses to “Full College Scholarship for Undocumented Students

  1. I think that these scholarships for undocumented immigrants are beneficial because they boost the American economy and they contribute to creating a more educated society. It is not a waste because many of these students have been in the country since they were infants. It is usually the parents’ decision to bring the children into the United States and I believe that they should be able to participate in higher education in a country that they have lived in for most of their lives. Hopefully others will catch on and we can provide more of these scholarships for undocumented immigrant students.

  2. Hello,

    I applied for this scholarship last year. But unfortunately, I was not successful. This year, I am also planning to apply. Lets see.

    Jyoti from Kathmandu, Nepal

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